Multiplayer Pokies Online

Pokies online is a bit of a anomaly – loads of fun, but it can be a exercise in isolation at times! Online pokies are a solitary pastime and sometimes, when you are online, you feel like mingling with other people. That’s when you realize it’s time to start playing multi-player online pokies.

The Cure for the Loneliness of the Online Pokies Player

Playing multiplayer online pokies is a great way to get together with other members of the worldwide online pokies community as you work together toward your common goal of winning pokies jackpots. Suddenly, the online casino isn’t such a lonely place any more. Multiplayer online pokies is, indeed, the cure for the loneliness of the online pokies player.

Multi-Player Online Pokies at All Slots

Wheel of Wealth — Special Edition is the online pokie that is used for multi-player online pokies at All Slots Casino. Wheel of Wealth — Special Edition is a bright colourful online pokie machine featuring images of luscious fruits plus symbols of wealth like sports cars, private planes, and diamonds. It has a wild symbol and a scatter symbol, and is considered to be one of the best pokies games in the casino.

The best part of Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth — Special Edition online pokies is the randomly-triggered Wheel of Wealth bonus game. That’s when all eligible players in the virtual pokies room take a position around the Wheel of Wealth, and when it spins everybody collects a bonus jackpot in a spirit of communal celebration. It is truly one of the best experiences you can have when you play pokies online.

Play Multiplayer Pokies Online Today

Now that you know the secret, there is no reason to ever feel lonely in the online pokies casino. Log in to play multi-player online pokies today. You can make some new pokie-loving friends and have an online pokies party as you all spin for the jackpots at All Slots Online Casino.

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