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Playing online roulette at a casino such as All Slots Australian online casino can be a fun and exciting experience. Obviously, when you win real cash from All Slots Casino, it makes the game more than just fun. So many people in Australia and around the world are always asking if there is a winning Roulette Strategy that can be played. While the notion of roulette strategy means different things to different people, most of those who play at sites like All Slots Australia Casino are looking for a system of betting or playing that will increase their odds of winning real money.

Note, a roulette strategy may not increase the number of games you win in an online casino. There is a distinction. Winning games of Roulette and increasing the money you win by pursuing a roulette strategy are slightly different. We will talk about each one. While the roulette strategy for winning more games is specific to roulette, the strategy for increasing the money you win at the end of the day can be applied to any game in any online casino. It does not matter if you are playing in an Australian online casino or elsewhere.

How to Win More Games by Using Roulette Strategy

Unlike many other games that can be played in an Australian online casino or at All Slots Online Casino, in the game of Roulette, you have many options for placing a wager. You can place a single wager on a single number, or you can wager on a great deal of numbers. You could bet all red or all even and cover half of all the numbers on the roulette table. The more numbers you cover, the greater the likelihood is that you will win. However, at the same time, the more numbers covered means the less money you will win when you win. While you may not win a huge jackpot betting big, this is not a bad roulette strategy. Many of those who play All Slots Casino or another Australian casino bet this way. In fact, a common roulette strategy is to place two separate bets, each one covering twelve numbers. You then have a two-thirds chance of either breaking even winning half of the total amount bet. There is only a one-third chance that you will lose both bets.

How to Win More Money with a Roulette Strategy

Most people here in Australia are interested in the bottom line. Namely, at the end of the day, what roulette strategy will increase the chances of coming out ahead. There are many different strategies that people use when playing in an online casino. One is to double your bet right after losing and half it after winning. Theoretically, you could keep playing forever this way. However, since most people have limited funds, this is not the most practical way to play. No, the best Roulette strategy is to decide ahead of time what your limits are in terms of winning money, losing money, or the amount of time you will spend playing. When you reach those limits, you are done for the day at the online casino.

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